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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Steroid day 3

Day 3...

I am actually gonna miss coming to ambulatory unit everyday... the room got a nice view and the nurses are so kind to me..

It was quite boring today.. I didn't get to sit at the conservatory...:(

I saw another girl across me, who also have MS, and she is like 24.. she doesn't know that I have MS..

My neurologist came to visit me after 6 pm. He talked to me for like half an hour and was surprised to see that I was still smiling... hehe...

There are only a few sad things in my life atm...

I have MS
I cannot go to University now
I cannot paint now
I cannot write now
I cannot cook now
I cannot taste anything
I cannot walk now

I have physiotherapist appointment tomorrow... I hope they can help me with my mobility issues...:)..

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