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Sunday, 21 August 2011!!!

Today in the morning, my dad got angry fro no reason....he is always like that...just start a fight without any reason.... We were making breakfast together, because my mum went to the 9 am mass.... But after he had a shower,,, he went downstairs and his face looked really angry and just snapped!!!.. Then he said that he is being treated as a SLAVE at home!!!!... What?!!.. He is our father!!!.. Not a slave... Then he said he prefer to cook what he want to eat and just forget abt us!!!... I mean come on!!!..

Then he started just blabbering on abt things that made no sense to the situation!!.. I was so upset and just felt like going somewhere... I hope when I get to uni... I wouldn't have to deal with these things... As I will leave home early in the morning and come home late!!.. But if I was in Bradford university,,, I wouldn't have to worry about it at all...:).. But I have to now that I am going to university of London!!..

Btw... There's been a thing that I have noticed of my dad... That is before he goes to India for holiday... Just b4 two or three days he get into a fight with my mum or us!!! And he is going on holiday on Tuesday... In TWO days!!!.. The reason mi8 be that, then we will not be calling him to check up on what he is being up2!!!! Get it??!!

Oh well... I love my family...but I don't think that they do anything to make me happy!!!... I always feel like I am being left out!!!..:'(..

Anyways..that's my problems being told.... Please feel free to tell abt ur problems...!!!!..Wen u realise there are other ppl with also problems,,, half of our problems fade away... And I don't mean that having problems is something to be made fun abt....oh.... U know what I mean...doncha?????

For nw...

Peace...(something I am lacking at the moment)

Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Level Results....18 August 2011

Guess what????!!!!...

I Passed!!!!!..

yes....i am finally going to UNI!!!!!

the status message!!!
i am soooooo relieved.....i didnt failed any of the years and is going to my dream university to do my dream course.....:))))....

the exam results were what i wanted and i am over the moon!!!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hobbies: Sketching/Painting...:)

Since i enjoy photography, i also like to paint or sketch them too.... there are many of these art works that i have done....but here are some of the examples that i have recently done during the holidays...:)..

escape into the lone-world

escape into the lone-world:
i actually sketched this when i was in my sociology lesson!!!....i was so bored and just started drawing it on my book!!!...(thats supposed to be me, bored!!)

night owl and the ume blossom

night owl and the ume blossom:
an absolute favourite of mine.... the dark but bright night... japanese ume (plum) blossom and the night owl looking deep into the moon light hidden by the fog...:)..

beautiful eyes sketch

beautiful eyes sketch:
 i was supposed to do a self portrait...but got carried away and made it more beutiful.... but not that life-like...

the mighty yet, magestic animal

the mighty, yet magestic animal:
one of my favourite animals.... i needed some help from the internet for this!!!...sorry...but hope its good..:) 

chihiro sketch (spirited away)

 chihiro (spirited away) sketch:
my favourite animated movie ever... and the favourite anime character,,,, so i had to sketch her!!

grape vine sketch

 Grape vine sketch:
this is an original!!!... this is from my garden and i just went and sat in the garden chair and started sketching this.... i really like it!! (talk abt blowing ur own trumpet!!)

the graveyard
the graveyard:
one of the first paintings i have done.. a long time ago.... this was inspired to me by the facts that a lot of people were facing death eveyday through illness and at least they will get to rest in peace at a beautiful resting place...:)

My Photography...:)

Since I was young, I always LOVED photography.... eventhough i dont like to be in the photos, i like to take pics of other things,,,,including ppl and the nature...also random things that i might find interesting.....

I love the evening sun and the colour of the clouds above that time...

(Below r some photos taken by me....)

Garden and the Plants...(Boring!!)

 I Love sunflowers....:)
This poppy just grows in our garden, even without us sowing!!!!... 
 Clematis (?..i hope thats hw u spell them!!)
 dnt knw the name!!..sorry!!
 a weird looking lady bird!!!...
 closeup view of THAT ladybird!!!
 these butterflies were all over the garden and it started to get annoying!!

stress...exam results...:O

today is wednesday.... if u r in the uk and a student, u will know whats happening tomorrow...!!...

yes, its the A-Level results publishing day!!!.....aaarrrrgggh...

i am scared and stressed about it soooooo much....

and you have noooooo idea....

but this is it... no more waitng.. i have to get three Cs to get into the uni i want... been praying and hopefully God make my wish come true...:)