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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Physio appointment

I had physio appointment today... I had to wait for like 3 hours..

I got crutches now.. that's all for today... so tired...

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Steroid day 3

Day 3...

I am actually gonna miss coming to ambulatory unit everyday... the room got a nice view and the nurses are so kind to me..

It was quite boring today.. I didn't get to sit at the conservatory...:(

I saw another girl across me, who also have MS, and she is like 24.. she doesn't know that I have MS..

My neurologist came to visit me after 6 pm. He talked to me for like half an hour and was surprised to see that I was still smiling... hehe...

There are only a few sad things in my life atm...

I have MS
I cannot go to University now
I cannot paint now
I cannot write now
I cannot cook now
I cannot taste anything
I cannot walk now

I have physiotherapist appointment tomorrow... I hope they can help me with my mobility issues...:)..

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Steroid day 2

Day 2....

Started the IV steroid at 3 pm again and finished after 6 pm... it didn't feel soo long, the nurses gave me a recliner chair, so I was soo comfortable... hehe.. I was just listening to music.. my symptoms are still the same... no change...

Can't hold anything with my hand
Can't go to toilet
Can't walk properly
Can't eat
Can't think
Can't text
Can't cook


I love my nurse...:).. she is soooo funny

Monday, 22 October 2012

MRI and Results.. Oh No!


Today at 8 am I had Emergency MRI... It took about 50 mins.. but I didn't notice it.. as I was praying the whole time... I was reciting rosary (I am a Catholic)...

It was sooo hard to lay down in the bed, coz my back was feeling sooooo tight and painful...

I went to ambulatory unit straight after the MRI to get my results, but the nurse there said I should go home as the doctor is not in yet and they will call me when they analyse my MRI.. So I was pretty sure that there isn't anything Major...:)


2.00 pm: I was chilling out at home thinking that my MRI is normal and there is nothing to worry about.. but literally after a few seconds the phone rang and the nurse is a friend of my aunt and a nurse at the ambulatory department, she told me to get to the hospital ASAP.

2.30 pm: At hospital waiting for the doctor, then two doctors and two nurses came to call me, my Mum, Dad and my Aunt was there too.. (My mum and aunt are both nurses). I was taken to a room with the doctors and my family. Then the doctors asked me do I have any idea what I might have.. I said MS.. coz I already knew about the disease and I suspected it when I had the leg trouble back in March...

2.45 pm: Doctors told me that my MRI was abnormal. They found lesions in my brain and spine.. Then I have Multiple Sclerosis.... Finally I can put a name to my weird symptoms.. and they decided to start the steroids... ASAP

3.00 pm: Starting Methylprednisolone IV 1g for the next three days.... and three hours each

after 6.00 pm: Finished the course for the day... had a lot of trouble walking, but my mum supported me to walk.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Given a clue..o_O

I went to A&E again today.. so fourth time this week to hospital.

I was there from the morning and got checked by about three doctors.

Then told me to wait for a few hours.

Then a nurse came and told me to sit in a wheelchair and I was taken to ambulatory unit, there I saw a senior doctor and he checked my balance and co-ordination, then checked eyes and everything else.

He told me what he and the other doctors suspect I have.... Multiple Sclerosis...

I wish they hadn't told me now.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

EEG results...

So today was Dr. Walker's appointment to discuss the EEG results...

Well good news.. EEG is normal...

Bad news.. He did not receive any information about my eyes or my numbness or the fact that I went to Emergency 7 times since I saw him... Yeah nothing in his files... what sort of organisational skill does NHS have?.. I am more organised than

So he did a check up.. and he said he need to do an MRI of my Brain, Spine and Eyes.. So yh..

Btw, I had a mini seizure today... YH

From my Health Diary:

  • Woke up at 1.45 am. Went downstairs to have water at 3.45 am. Went back to bed at 4.15 am.
  • Left side of the body, - esp hand and leg – felt very tight and uncontrollable. Couldn't open eyes and speak. Lasted for about 10 seconds. Then called parents.
  • Went back to sleep at 5 am.
  • Woke up again at 9.30 am. Hands are very tight and numb. 
  • Very hard to get up from bed because I feel so heavy and the body is sensation-less such as pressure, but body feels so heavy.
  • Hard to control hand, it feels heavy.
  • Back of neck feels stiff and the pressure on spine still present.
  • Very stiff on both legs. Hard to walk, feels heavy.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A&E again 2

I went to Emergency again... My condition is worse....o_O

From my health Diary... these observations..

  • Numbness has spread to whole arm and the right leg. Very hard to walk and imbalanced.
  • Pain at back of neck and top of both clavicles.
  • No bowel movements.
  • Tongue left side-no sensation

So yeah...

They still didn't tell me anything..

I have Dr. Walker (Neuro) Appointment for my EEG results tomorrow... I hope he can help..:)

Monday, 15 October 2012

A&E again...

I couldn't go to Uni today... pins and needles, people...

My torso felt weird. Like clothes sliding around and dry and frozen skin and hands and feet were very tight at night.

My ring finger and pinky involuntarily contracted back when hands opened. and due to feet being sleepy, very hard to walk. Losing balance sometimes and felt like knee is weak


I went to emergency.. but they checked my vitals and said there is nothing wrong with me...(WHAT?)

but the nurse there told me, she will call my GP and if he sign a letter for me, they will check me further...

So I went to GP, he send me a letter, I went to Emergency, they questioned and checked me for like 3 hours and said they will need to do an MRI again... oh God... so yeah.. No asnwers yet...

Friday, 12 October 2012

Getting worse..and last day of university for me

Today I woke up and found that my finger tips are so tingly.. it was soo annoying...

I couldn't hold the toothbrush properly or anything...:(

But, I decided to go to uni anyways... BTW, i came home yesterday without attending any lectures as I was ssoooooooooooo nauseated and fainty (not even a

I was in train with Kinjal and I noticed that the pins and needles have started on my feet too...oh no...

I managed to get to University... I was soooooo early... Kinjal and I sat down and we still had about 30 mins left before the lecture and us two were the only people in the class... the day went by and in lectures I couldn't hold a pen.. my whole hand was numb and had really bad tremors.. my hand was shaking so bad...

If it goes on I won't be able to go to Uni on monday...:(

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

GP checkup and A&E

Today I had a GP appointment to check my numbness in the leftside...

I went there and he did some tests... he even poked me with needles... but nothing.. nada... no pain or feeling whats so ever... o_O

He was confused.. he has never seen something like

I went to A&E and I told them my one side of body is numb and please check it for

A junior doctor checked it and he suggested it could be a pinched nerve or something.. also I haven't gone to toilet to do anything for the last one week...

He called a senior doctor and he said its pinched nerve as well... so I thought it was a pinched nerve as well and went back home...

hope it will go away...:)...