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Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Hi.. I haven't been posting for a while..

I started my Rebif on 21st Feb 2012. So far I had 3 injections. Its just 8.8 mcg.. after one week its 22 mcg.. then 44 mcg for ever!!

I am already used to it now. I did not even hurt when I injected myself. And not being able to see the needle helps. I had really bad side effects on the first injection. Flu like symptoms, body pain, toes tingling etc. Now I am fine.

The whole unit can be kept in the fridge ( i was shocked, coz I am studying engineering, and I have never heard that you can keep machines working on normal batteries can be refrigerated)

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Individual holidays and family giving me stress!!

So you probably read in About Me that I am from Kerala (South of India).

I have some family left back there (I don't talk to my Dad's family..long story) and because we are abroad we go on holiday to meet them. The last time I went was on 2007. (Yeah, it's been a long time).

There is a personal reason that I don't go. My Parents and Brother go there almost every year, but I stay in London. (everyone go by themselves)

It was the first and last time, we ever went as a family, since we moved to England in 2005. and it didn't end well. And I don't want another trip like that.

So my Dad is going again on Tuesday, by himself of course. And before he go, he always create a fight in the family. and he don't talk to anyone when he leaves. I figured out why he does this after observing his trips by himself twice a year for a about 5 years.

If he fight with us, we will not call him or he will call us, so we will not know what he is up to. And I heard from people that he does some things really bad. and my Mum is aware of it as well. So it's not a secret!

My family is just giving me a lot of stress and I don't think they realise how much it is affecting me, especially when I have MS!.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Bupa Home Care Service Welcome Pack

So, today I received the Rebif Kit, it was like Christmas.. lol

The delivery man came with a 10kg box and handed it to me.. then after like 15 mins he came back and said that he forgot to give me the actual medications..

I have put them in the fridge, and still waiting for the nurse to call me.

There's a lot of things in it..

 Serofine needles
3 sharps bin
10 hour cool bag
Heat pack
MS help guide
MS Rebif passport
RebiSmart Automatic Injection Machine
Shoulder Bag
Spare lithium batteries
Ice packs
Calender/ Injection Tracker
A CD on injection and the treatment

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bupa Delivery Date

So I e-mailed my MS nurse many times, because I didn't hear about my Injections arriving.

She called Bupa and made them speed up the delivery.

Yesterday (6/2/2013), I got a call from Bupa and they said they will deliver the Medications on Friday (8/2/2013)... Yay...

But today (7/2/2013), they called me again and said that they will have to reschedule the delivery to Monday (11/2/2013)... :-(

And also the Community Nurse haven't called me yet to fix a date to have my first injection..

BTW, today was one of my best friend's Bday, so I went to hang out with my friends from Uni.. I went back to Uni after like 4 months and Memories!!....huh..

It was so fun, had lunch at TGIFriday.. And there was a lot of surprises today..hehe