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Friday, 12 October 2012

Getting worse..and last day of university for me

Today I woke up and found that my finger tips are so tingly.. it was soo annoying...

I couldn't hold the toothbrush properly or anything...:(

But, I decided to go to uni anyways... BTW, i came home yesterday without attending any lectures as I was ssoooooooooooo nauseated and fainty (not even a

I was in train with Kinjal and I noticed that the pins and needles have started on my feet too...oh no...

I managed to get to University... I was soooooo early... Kinjal and I sat down and we still had about 30 mins left before the lecture and us two were the only people in the class... the day went by and in lectures I couldn't hold a pen.. my whole hand was numb and had really bad tremors.. my hand was shaking so bad...

If it goes on I won't be able to go to Uni on monday...:(

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