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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Leg Update

Hi.. I am gonna give you an update on my leg..:-P

Well its the same, or worse.

I feel when coming down the stairs at the train station, nearly fell in my lecture hall, and on the road and in the bus... So no improvements...

I find it even hard to go down the stairs now. I don't know how long it will last for. I am scared that I will be like this for ever. Nobody can understand what I am feeling.. Just me.. 

I haven't even told my friends that my legs are weird. I just hide from them and pretend everything is okay.

Its so hard to get into bathtub and going up and down the stairs. I have to sit down to put on my trousers. It is soooo hard.

My Introduction to Engineering Lecture is on the 4th floor and the lift is not working. I have to walk up the stairs with my near paralysed legs and I am always late and cannot tell the reason..

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

GP appointment for Leg wierdness..

Today (13/03/2012), I had a GP appointment for my right leg.

I went to the GP and he checked my legs and he said maybe it is just calcium deficiency or something.

He told me to do some leg exercises and said it will hopefully go away.

So no medications of anything, but just exercise and plenty of water.

Monday, 12 March 2012

First Signs

Today (12/03/2012) I woke up to go to university and I found out that my right leg is feeling so weak.

I couldn't lift it up properly to put my jeans on, to put socks on or to put my boots on. But I managed to do them. Walking down and up the stairs was very hard. My legs were like paralysed.

I was walking to to the bus stop at 7.00 am and I just couldn't walk as normal. It was soo weird. I was sort of limping. I was feeling so scared. How could this happen. Without any reason.

I managed to get into the bus, then get to the train station.I was walking to university and it was so hard, but I made it. But walking up even the five steps of GO Jones building was hard. Going down the stairs wasn’t so bad. So I called mum to make an appointment with GP, and got the appointment for next day, 13/03/2012.