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Monday, 22 October 2012

MRI and Results.. Oh No!


Today at 8 am I had Emergency MRI... It took about 50 mins.. but I didn't notice it.. as I was praying the whole time... I was reciting rosary (I am a Catholic)...

It was sooo hard to lay down in the bed, coz my back was feeling sooooo tight and painful...

I went to ambulatory unit straight after the MRI to get my results, but the nurse there said I should go home as the doctor is not in yet and they will call me when they analyse my MRI.. So I was pretty sure that there isn't anything Major...:)


2.00 pm: I was chilling out at home thinking that my MRI is normal and there is nothing to worry about.. but literally after a few seconds the phone rang and the nurse is a friend of my aunt and a nurse at the ambulatory department, she told me to get to the hospital ASAP.

2.30 pm: At hospital waiting for the doctor, then two doctors and two nurses came to call me, my Mum, Dad and my Aunt was there too.. (My mum and aunt are both nurses). I was taken to a room with the doctors and my family. Then the doctors asked me do I have any idea what I might have.. I said MS.. coz I already knew about the disease and I suspected it when I had the leg trouble back in March...

2.45 pm: Doctors told me that my MRI was abnormal. They found lesions in my brain and spine.. Then I have Multiple Sclerosis.... Finally I can put a name to my weird symptoms.. and they decided to start the steroids... ASAP

3.00 pm: Starting Methylprednisolone IV 1g for the next three days.... and three hours each

after 6.00 pm: Finished the course for the day... had a lot of trouble walking, but my mum supported me to walk.

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