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Sunday, 21 August 2011!!!

Today in the morning, my dad got angry fro no reason....he is always like that...just start a fight without any reason.... We were making breakfast together, because my mum went to the 9 am mass.... But after he had a shower,,, he went downstairs and his face looked really angry and just snapped!!!.. Then he said that he is being treated as a SLAVE at home!!!!... What?!!.. He is our father!!!.. Not a slave... Then he said he prefer to cook what he want to eat and just forget abt us!!!... I mean come on!!!..

Then he started just blabbering on abt things that made no sense to the situation!!.. I was so upset and just felt like going somewhere... I hope when I get to uni... I wouldn't have to deal with these things... As I will leave home early in the morning and come home late!!.. But if I was in Bradford university,,, I wouldn't have to worry about it at all...:).. But I have to now that I am going to university of London!!..

Btw... There's been a thing that I have noticed of my dad... That is before he goes to India for holiday... Just b4 two or three days he get into a fight with my mum or us!!! And he is going on holiday on Tuesday... In TWO days!!!.. The reason mi8 be that, then we will not be calling him to check up on what he is being up2!!!! Get it??!!

Oh well... I love my family...but I don't think that they do anything to make me happy!!!... I always feel like I am being left out!!!..:'(..

Anyways..that's my problems being told.... Please feel free to tell abt ur problems...!!!!..Wen u realise there are other ppl with also problems,,, half of our problems fade away... And I don't mean that having problems is something to be made fun abt....oh.... U know what I mean...doncha?????

For nw...

Peace...(something I am lacking at the moment)

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