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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My Photography...:)

Since I was young, I always LOVED photography.... eventhough i dont like to be in the photos, i like to take pics of other things,,,,including ppl and the nature...also random things that i might find interesting.....

I love the evening sun and the colour of the clouds above that time...

(Below r some photos taken by me....)

Garden and the Plants...(Boring!!)

 I Love sunflowers....:)
This poppy just grows in our garden, even without us sowing!!!!... 
 Clematis (?..i hope thats hw u spell them!!)
 dnt knw the name!!..sorry!!
 a weird looking lady bird!!!...
 closeup view of THAT ladybird!!!
 these butterflies were all over the garden and it started to get annoying!!

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