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Monday, 12 March 2012

First Signs

Today (12/03/2012) I woke up to go to university and I found out that my right leg is feeling so weak.

I couldn't lift it up properly to put my jeans on, to put socks on or to put my boots on. But I managed to do them. Walking down and up the stairs was very hard. My legs were like paralysed.

I was walking to to the bus stop at 7.00 am and I just couldn't walk as normal. It was soo weird. I was sort of limping. I was feeling so scared. How could this happen. Without any reason.

I managed to get into the bus, then get to the train station.I was walking to university and it was so hard, but I made it. But walking up even the five steps of GO Jones building was hard. Going down the stairs wasn’t so bad. So I called mum to make an appointment with GP, and got the appointment for next day, 13/03/2012.

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