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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Numb hands, body and mind

So basically two days ago..(13/06/2013), I woke up with a fever. I checked my temperature and it was 37.9 C or 100.3 F.

I was feeling so warm and nauseated.

So basically my body temperature shot up and it was the day after my injection. So injection's flu-like symptoms and actual flu symptoms..

I was able to manage it all with like 4 paracetamols and the flu went away.

But since yesterday, my hands started to become numb again, it hurts when I type. By the evening, my whole body is felling that "clothes-sliding-around" feeling again.. oh boy, I HATE IT..

I woke up today and it is at its worst.. everywhere it got that feeling. down to my toes.

also under my foot, it feels like there is something there. and it is poking me.


Dear Lord, Please help me..

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