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Sunday, 16 June 2013

It is definitely a relapse

I feel so horrible..

everything below neck is numb, I can still feel and stuff, but its weird.

My fingers are so numb and very bad muscle spasm. I do not know how to get rid of it, I am still new to all this.. :(


  • Its really hard to type, as I cannot feel the keys sometimes
  • I drop things constantly
  • Showering is a task!
  • No appetite
  • Forgetting words that are so common
  • Losing balance sometimes
  • Under left foot there a stabbing pain when walking
  • Under right foot it feels round, so a bit off balance now
  • Going to toilet quite often

I am going to e-mail my MS Nurse and ask her if I should go an see her or go to GP.

The reason I think I have a relapse now is because of a few reasons:
  1. On 8th June, we had a party at out house, hosted by my parents for about 40 people. We had caterers and there was a lot of food left over, so we shoved the food in containers and put it in our fridge, so I guess the temperature varied in our fridge. For the next few days, the fridge temp was like 9-13 degree Celsius. All this time, my medication is inside the fridge. So maybe this week I was injecting myself with gone off Rebif.
  2. I had flu with 37.9 degree Celsius on Wednesday and I was ill since Tuesday. So maybe the increase in core temp caused the relapse.
  3. I have been stressed for a few days now, with my parents and brother. So I shouted a lot, Cried a lot, and been generally upset, so that caused the relapse.
  4. Or, its a relapse, face it. Pray to God. Keep Faith.

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