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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Tremors ... :'(

My eyes are better... yay..

Well not completely, but back to what it was after my first ON episode. but I am happy..

But tremors are back.. :(

If you have read my post on "Getting Worse, Last day of Uni for me" you will remember that I couldn't take lecture notes of anything.. So I am back to that now!!.. My right hand has been in pain for more than a week now. It just hurts a lot.

Since yesterday, my fingers have started to curl up again and I have no sensation there whatsoever. No cold, no hot, nothing. It is very hard to do anything.

I have stopped painting again. If the tremor continues, I will have to stop cooking soon too. So, I am gonna call the GP on Monday and get an appointment. Hopefully he will give me some beta-blockers or something. Also I have to start seeing the dietitian again.

BTW, its been snowing since Thursday. Not a lot, just a few centimeters. I will post some pics soon... :)

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