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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Another Quarrel (Family)

I love gift boxes, especially the ones that they come in with bows and glitter. I always keep them and keep them safe. Yesterday, I took about 15 of them and went to my brother and showed it to him, then left it on his table top.

Today when I came back from the MS nurse appointment, my mum told me that my dad binned all of my gift boxes and the waste collection was in the morning.

I busted out and I was so angry at them for doing it and I was stressed and cried a lot.

If you have MS, you will probably understand about this uncontrollable emotions. It was just not like me. My dad got so angry and said a lot of hurtful things.

After a few hours, my mum came to me and whispered to me, "don't worry, I took them out of the bin and they are safe".

OMG, I was even more angry at that, she could have said atleast a word before I started screaming.

Then I realised, my dad ordered in online about 100 gift boxes and they cost about £50 (See below).

Now, my dad is not talking to me either.

So thanks my "supportive" family for giving me even more stress.


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