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Friday, 6 June 2014

Hello.. 1/3 Medical Engineering done

SO.. I finished a a year of University without much problems.

Revision and Exam period was hectic, I was under constant stress about the exams and on top of it all, the stress about MS. But, I pulled through. I had my First Driving Practical test yesterday and I failed miserably, but oh well, next time.. :-P.

I am waiting for my Exam results and I am not expecting much, because I know I tried my hardest.

My weight-loss... hmm.. During university times, I did not pay attention to it at all. But the day after my last Exam, I have started Calorie counting again. I have lost about 11 kg (~24 lbs) from the highest weight I have been at. I still have a long way to go (~80 lbs... :"(  ).

I have lots and lots of friends now... (even a massive crush.. hehe). Only two of my friends know about my condition and they are very supportive.. especially when I had an ON episode in the middle of Statics Exam... hyuuuoooo that was one of the most scariest thing... but GOD helped.. he helped me a lot..

Now that I am free... I will try to post more.. <3

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