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Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Hello everyone,
I have not been posting anything since 17th September and today its 3rd December.. o_O.
I have been very busy with University and coursework and lab and everything.
I was symptom free till last week. So from July till end of November!!.. yay..

I started a sore throat two weeks ago and I had a flue jab last week. Then I was under constant pressure for 2 weeks to submit a major coursework and I can feel it taking an effect one me. :'(

I have

  • 24/7 pain/burning pain in left leg, from my hit to toe in patches
  • achy neck
  • slight double vision
  • fatigue
  • trouble concentrating

Rebif Update.

I started Rebif on February this year, and guess what my 12th Delivery is in a week.. :-O
I need to get my nurse to re-prescribe the injections for future.
No more flu-like symptoms, but I still take paracetamols

I have MS Nurse appointment tomorrow for a regular blood test because I take Rebif.

Remember me in you Prayers.

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