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Monday, 11 February 2013

Bupa Home Care Service Welcome Pack

So, today I received the Rebif Kit, it was like Christmas.. lol

The delivery man came with a 10kg box and handed it to me.. then after like 15 mins he came back and said that he forgot to give me the actual medications..

I have put them in the fridge, and still waiting for the nurse to call me.

There's a lot of things in it..

 Serofine needles
3 sharps bin
10 hour cool bag
Heat pack
MS help guide
MS Rebif passport
RebiSmart Automatic Injection Machine
Shoulder Bag
Spare lithium batteries
Ice packs
Calender/ Injection Tracker
A CD on injection and the treatment


  1. So you got the high tech digital injection thingy? I just used the injection pen but always wanted the machine because it looked cool haha! You got more in your box than i did! Always like packages even if they are filled with needles! It IS like Christmas if an elf jumped out from around the corner and stabbed you! haha jk!

    1. Lol.. Only if..and yeah, packages always make me happy.. hehe
      When my brother saw how happy i was when it arrived, he asked if I am happy that i have MS!!.. I got no answer for that! ..:'(
      My neuro said the injection pens are painful, so he gave me the RebiSmart.. I still havent even opened it. Waiting for the Nurse to come next thursday to do the first injection.. (:O)

      Hows your Leg BTW?.. (I read your blog too!)