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Saturday, 2 June 2012

From Hospital

Hello Everyone.

I am writing this post from the hospital bed.

So basically I finished my first year exams one week back on 24/05/2012. I think I did well in the exams. I was very well prepared and I am confident that I will pass with a 1st class.

Yesterday (1/06/2012), I went out with the parents for garden shopping. We bought a lot of plants. I was so happy. I got home and had lunch. Also it was a nice and sunny day.

I went to the toilet at 7.30 pm and my mum told me she is going to her Brother's House, which is about 3 mins away. At about 7.45 pm, I got an anxiety attack, I started thinking "how to make pot noodles from scratch" and i was feeling so weird. I got out of the toilet and went to my room. My head was feeling so weird. I thought I am going to have another migraine attack. I took the tablet out of my bag, i couldn't even open my eyes. I couldn't read the expiry date, so I decided to call my mother, but so hard to use the phone. But I managed to use it and call her. I told her to come home ASAP.

Then I got a text message from my brother. I forgot my phone password, but in a few seconds i remembered, then i couldn't understand the text, but then i read it and replied.

after a few seconds at about 8.05 pm, I sat down in my chair and I felt one of my body seizing up and going tight. I was losing my conscious and I thought I was having a stroke, I wanted to use the phone to call 999, but i couldn't. then i tried to make noises to wake up my dad sleeping next door. i remember making some noises, but with 3-4 seconds i lost complete consciousness.

I regained consciousness at about 9 pm, I was on the floor in foetal position. I couldn't walk or speak or understand anyone around me. I just wanted to lie down. I was taken to the Emergency Room, they took everything seriously, did a lot of blood tests and it took me a few hours to regain complete conscious.

They decided to admit me at the hospital for observation.

So here I am, still in hospital bed, being checked over and over by a lot of doctors, neurologists etc..

I am going to have an MRI soon to check my brain. they suspect it could be epilepsy.

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