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Thursday 7 February 2013

Bupa Delivery Date

So I e-mailed my MS nurse many times, because I didn't hear about my Injections arriving.

She called Bupa and made them speed up the delivery.

Yesterday (6/2/2013), I got a call from Bupa and they said they will deliver the Medications on Friday (8/2/2013)... Yay...

But today (7/2/2013), they called me again and said that they will have to reschedule the delivery to Monday (11/2/2013)... :-(

And also the Community Nurse haven't called me yet to fix a date to have my first injection..

BTW, today was one of my best friend's Bday, so I went to hang out with my friends from Uni.. I went back to Uni after like 4 months and Memories!!....huh..

It was so fun, had lunch at TGIFriday.. And there was a lot of surprises today..hehe

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